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WHS and Training







Altair provides expertise in developing and implementing Workplace Health and Safety and Training initiatives. The value proposition covers the classical workplace Health and Safety functions in addition to Fire and Rescue, Medical and Security. Over-arching these four areas is the Training component with which Altair supports our clients needs in the ongoing development of their people.


These services are provided as an integrated package of services under a one stop shop model to reduce the client's contract management function so more effort can be focused on their core business.


Altair's capacity will provide support for developing projects and existing businesses across all industries. Altair has provided services for mining and resources, oil and gas, manufacturing, security and government.


Services include:

Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace Health & Safety















Altair is passionate about making workplaces safer. No matter what workplace health and safety challenge you face, whether one time only advice or a full range of services, Altair is ready to work with you to assess your needs, evaluate options and develop solutions. We will help you to identify and fix risks – and keep them fixed.


In developing and improving a safety management system, Altair focusses on providing the highest standards of WHS, wellbeing and safety culture in your workplace. In doing so Altair will support your existing resources, structures and processes to enhance service, improve compliance, reduce costs and add value.


We are committed to providing value-added professional, effective and efficient WHS services and safety programs that combines the human factors, safety management systems and WHS regulations.


Altair's WHS services include;


  • Statutory management coverage

  • Relief personnel support

  • Professional mentoring

  • Site specific safety audits

  • Conducting safety inspections

  • Incident investigations

  • Drug and alcohol testing

  • Facilitating safety meetings

  • Collecting and analysing safety statistics

  • Compliance reviews

  • Development of WHS systems

  • Managing contractors

  • Work environment layout and design

  • Dangerous goods management

  • Manual handling

  • Permit to work and hazardous task procedures

  • Take 5

  • Job safety analysis

  • Plant and machinery risk evaluations

  • Specific property risks

  • Process safety

  • Event risk management

  • Emergency Management plans, response and exercises (desk top and live)

  • Crisis management and risk analysis

  • Worker’s compensation optimisation 

















All employers have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that employees are systematically and adequately trained to do the work required of them both now and in the future. That is, to do their work effectively, efficiently and safely


Preventing accidents should be a key priority for everyone at work and providing safety information and WHS training will help to:


  • Ensure client and their employees are not injured or made ill by the work they do;

  • Develop a positive health & safety culture, where safe & healthy working becomes second nature to everyone;

  • Find out how you could manage health and safety better;

  • Meet your legal duty to protect the health & safety of your employees.


Altair offer a range of safety courses from general WHS training for managers, supervisors and employees to Certificate IV WHS. Our WHS training packages are suitable for most workplaces or can be customised for specific industries. All training is conducted by qualified professionals that are experts in their field.




  • Cert IV WHS

  • Diploma in WHS

  • 4WD – Operate vehicles in the field

  • Operate and maintain 4WD

  • Operational performance review

  • Work safely at heights

  • Fire rescue / warden training

  • Permit to work training – e.g. confined space, excavation permits, EWP

  • Confined space entry (BA gas testing)

  • Confined space rescue

  • Low voltage rescue / CPR

  • Frontline management

  • Supervisor awareness training





  • Safety leadership for managers

  • Risk assessments / JSA reports

  • Workplace behaviour – bullying, sexual harassment, company culture

  • Leadership in the workplace

  • Heat stress awareness

  • SHOC card training

  • Fatigue management awareness training

  • Electrical awareness training

  • Supervisor awareness training package

  • Managing HSE incidents (investigations)

  • Legislative obligations / requirements WHS

  • Drug / alcohol awareness training

  • Manual handling

  • Lock out / tag out

  • General safety awareness training for the workforce

  • Harmonisation Laws for Management and the workforce



Fire and Rescue

Fire and Rescue















Altair provides expertise in developing and maintaining a range of skill sets concerning fire and rescue for business to ensure systems are in place to eliminate or mitigate hazards or events in the workplace. Additionally, businesses need to ensure that they are ready to respond in the case of an emergency that places people's welfare and property at risk. Aside from legislation and codes of practice enforcing businesses to prevent and to be ready to respond it is also good business sense from an ethical and company reputation viewpoint.


Altair has the capacity in its network to provide the following services. If there are additional services required please contact us to discuss.


  • Work at Heights

    • Work Safely at Heights (Initial)

    • Work Safely at Heights (Refresher)

    • Inspect Fall Protective Equipment

    • Site Specific Height Rescue

    • Tower / Heights Rescue

    • Height Safety Awareness

  • Confined Space

    • Safe Working in a Confined Space with Gas Test Atmospheres (Initial)

    • Safe Working in a Confined Space with Gas Test Atmospheres (Refresher)

    • Safe Working in a Confined Space with Gas Test and BA (Initial)

    • Safe Working in a Confined Space with Gas Test and BA (Refresher)

    • Safe Working in a Confined Space with Gas Test - no BA (RPL / RCC)

    • Gas Test Atmospheres

    • Operate Breathing Apparatus

    • Undertake Confined Space Rescue

    • Site Specific Confined Space Rescue

  • Emergency Response

    • Low Voltage Rescue

    • Apply Initial First Aid / CPR

    • Apply First Aid / CPR

    • CPR

    • Fire Extinguisher Use (Confine Small Workplace Emergencies)

    • Emergency Warden and Evacuation

    • Chief Warden











With a thorough understanding of what we do, Altair Medical delivers quality industrial medical services to a range of industries including mining, oil and gas, manufacturing and heavy construction industries. Our medical services operates nationally with the strong partnerships we have developed with other medical service suppliers.


Services include:

  • First aid / medical support

  • Drug and alcohol testing

  • Medical personnel coverage

  • Advanced care paramedics

  • Industry auditing - medical

  • Policy and system evaluation, design and implementation

















Operating throughout Australia, Altair enjoys strong partnerships with private security companies – providing security solutions to a wide variety of industries the company services.


provides a wide range of security service solutions nationally spanning overall industry segments..


Services include:

  • Concierge services

  • Static guarding, including access control and control room monitoring

  • Events management

  • Maritime security guards (MSIC)

  • Aviation security guards (ASIC)

  • Roving and mobile patrols (foot, vehicle, ATV, motorbikes)

  • Special response teams on water incorporating small craft and large vessels

  • Alarm response

  • Centralised CCTV and alarm monitoring

  • Emergency surge requirements (requiring teams in excess of 150+ personnel)

  • Protestor demonstration events requiring higher level security teams

  • VIP protection (close personal protection)

  • Customer service security training

  • Emergency Management plans, response and exercises (desk top and live)

  • Crisis management and risk analysis

  • Development and implementation of standard operating procedures and user manuals

  • Investigations

  • Cash in transit

  • Retail store security

  • Escort services

  • Covert and over loss prevention

  • Traffic control and management

  • Vehicle search and screening

  • Evaluation process system and policy implementation

  • Business continuity planning systems

  • Industry audits and site specific certification programs


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