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Operational Management















Operational Management is the practice of creating and improving on a rigorous and structured approach to manage, improve quality and performance and to solve potentially complex problems in the pursuit of delivering products and /or services that meet and exceed the customers needs. 


Altair uses the principles and concepts of Lean Six Sigma and blends it with the practical constraints of the specific work environment to achieve higher efficiency and productivity and better financial returns to the business. In all cases it involves the engagement and buy in of the workforce and the visual sponsorship of management to achieve these objectives.


It is about process thinking with a strong focus on the customer to ensure a competitive and commercially sustainable business going forward.


The key principles that feature in best practice operational management are; 


  • Focus on the customer (both internal and external)

  • Identify and understand how products and/or services are produced and delivered

  • Manage, improve and smooth the process flow

  • Remove non-value adding steps and waste

  • Manage by data and reduce reduce variation

  • Involve and equip the personnel in the process

  • Incorporate a systematic improvement process


Operational Management, often referred to as Business Improvement, is a holistic and enterprise based discipline. When developed and implemented seamlessly into the business Operations Management will be part of the company culture - " The way things are done".



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