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Mining Services


Austin Pit Woodie Woodie - Drilling plus Load and Haul

Altair was originally developed to support organisations in the resources industry and as such mining services remains a very strong and important component of our value proposition to clients and potential clients operating within this industry.


Service deliverables cover operational and technical functions from exploration through to operations and closure. Altair's core business is in the management, mining engineering and WHSE disciplines.


Altair has experience in a diverse range of minerals from bulk commodities of iron ore through to manganese, copper, lead, zinc, gold and tantalum to boutique and market specific minerals of rare earths, spodumene and kaolinite.

Operational Services


Technical Services


At the operational level Altair provides a range of quality services to support our clients in adding value to their bottom line in the mining and administration areas.


Services include:

  • Statutory management coverage

  • Key personnel coverage

  • Professional mentoring

  • Contract management

  • Contract tendering

  • Operational performance reviews

  • Drill and blast studies

  • Load and haul studies

  • Grade control

  • Survey control and practices

  • Mine services studies

  • Statutory auditing

  • Risk Assessment (Operational)

  • Productivity analysis & optimisation

  • Operating & capital cost effiiciency

  • Review plant performance

  • Project management

  • Development of system documents

Altair's technical capability in mining offers our clients and potential clients practical solutions that are cost effective and can be taken from the planning office and applied directly in the workplace.


Services include:

  • Independent technical report

  • Due diligence reviews

  • Mining standards

  • Ore reconciliation studies

  • Stockpile management

  • Waste rock dump design

  • Open pit & underground mining studies

  • Mine design for open pit & underground

  • Planning and scheduling

  • Reserve calculations

  • Reserve sign-off

  • Scoping, pre-feasibility & feasibility studies

  • Mine infrastructure review & design

  • Geotechnical review & design

  • Cost reduction & trade-off studies

  • Technical audits

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