Interesting Video Links

Video via Youtube

Youtube provides a wealth of knowledge and commentary on all subject matters. Quite a number of these small productions are educational and thought provoking and it is worth the investment to occassionally surf the net on areas of interest.


Here are a few that clips on a range of subjects that relate to the mining industry.

Risk Measurement

An intersting discussion on risk velocity. Should we incorporate it as a three dimension to a traditional 2 dimensional ranking of risk?.

What is Risk?

A simple but great explanation of risk and presents a good sense of hazards and threats that business need to consider when undertaking a risk analysis..

Productivity in Mining

A very good presentation on the focus for improving productivity in mining.

Productivity in Mining AusIMM

Thought provoking presentation which distills the issue down to its simplest terms and is a call to action from the industry.

Changing Times

Interesting discussion set back 4 years during the mining boom.

The Big Race

What will the future bring from this adventure? What innovations will be won?

The Chinese in Ghana

Report by Guardian Investigations into the impact of Chinese gold miners in Ghana.

CAT Surface Mining Demo

Part of the Mining Forum 2014 at the Tinaja Hills Demonstration and Learning Center in Arizona.


Fascinating clip of a walk through through a Liebherr manufacturing plant.

Underground Coal Mining

Coal mining around Pittsburgh, Pennsilvia in the USA. 


Great 3D graphics showing the inner workings of a flotation unit.

Coal Seam Gas

CSIRO has a short video explaning the process of extracting CSG.