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The discipline of Operational Management by Altair has led to the expertise of providing affordable services to implement and / or maintain the client's management systems and to achieve and maintain these systems against their internal standards or certification to their Australian or International Standard of choice.


The importance of management systems is one of the fundamentals to achieving a sustainable competitive business. When created, implemented and operated well the business and its people are focused on key drivers that allow for greater efficiency and productivity culminating in better financial outcomes and importantly providing for better outcomes in meeting the customer's needs.


In specific industries particular management systems are imposed through legislation to mitigate risk. Certification is required to be achieved and maintained against defined Australian or International Standards.


Altair works with our client's and their people in delivering and maintaining management systems particularly; 


  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 Safety Management System

  • OHSAS 18001:2007 Safety Management System

  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System


Altair understands not only the importance of creating documentation to meet the required Standard but also the importance of working with management and the workforce to ensure that there is an understanding and engagement of the management system. This ensures for relevance and sustainability.


In working with management and the workforce, Altair does so in a collaborative approach and will utilise existing processes and sub-systems to ensure a faster take up of acceptance and understanding. In the end the management system is the clients not Altair's.


Altair does not provide for an “off the shelf” product as each business is unique in its needs, size, complexity, processes and culture. Management systems are developed and maintained to suit each business.


When a business has multiple standards that have to be met, Altair will work with the client to implement and maintain an Integrated Management System. By having one system the business will benefit from:


  • Reduced system cost of implementation and maintenance

  • Reduced education and training costs

  • Reduce documentation as there are many common clauses

  • Reduces repetition of processes

  • Reduces cost of Certification

  • Easier to manage and maintain





In implementing and maintaining a management system, Altair will provide for training across all levels of the organisation catering for the infrequent user of the system right through to the heavy users and system administrators to ensure system user competence. Training will commence from the beginning of the engagement process to the completion of the project scope.


Altair will also provide for ongoing training as fresher courses and for new personnel engaged by the client.




Altair will work with the client in preparing for certification. A registered certification body of the client's choice will carry out the certification of the management system against the nominated standard.


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