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Risk Management















Altair provides expertise in the area of risk management bringing a wealth of practical experience and expertise to the client's risk management program. Altair has the capability to offer management expertise, guidance and leadership from the Board and the CEO to a practical on the ground impact at the operational level addressing strategic, technical and operational risk. 


Each risk management program is unique and is objectives based designed around the clients needs and culture. The end result is to ensure better decision making and problem solving practices as well as effective governance and compliance.


Working with the client, Altair engages with management and the workforce to achieve;


  • Understanding and ownership of the risks, plans and actions

  • Make real improvements from the risk program

  • Prioritise the effort to mitigate risk

  • Develop cost effective solutions for the controls

  • Integrate the risk program into Operations Management (Business Improvement)

  • Understanding change and its impact on risk


Our methodology in risk management processes is to work with the client in developing and improving their systems, processes and behaviours utilising innovative and practical change management tools mindful of the culture. We will cover all aspects of the business both internal and external such as markets, competitors, supply chains, operations, legal, commercial, human resources, environment, WHS and business development, 


Altair provides for risk management programs at all levels including;


  • Enterprise Risk Management

  • Project Risk Management

  • Sustainability - i.e. WHS, environment, community, heritage, corporate social responsibility (CSR)

  • Business Continuity

  • Team base Risk - i.e. JSAs 

  • Individual based Risk - i.e. Take 5


Altair can assist our client's risk management needs by;


  • Facilitating risk workshops

  • Developing and implementing risk management programs at an enterprise level down to specific business functions and activities

  • Integrating the risk management program with Operations Management (Business Improvement)

  • Integrating the risk management program with Strategic Planning

  • Working with the client on change management to achieve sustainability

  • Providing auditing and due diligence


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